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Welcome to Jennifer Choi's GITA 3 Website!

This website is a home page where my GITA 3 projects will be displayed. You can learn more about me and my academics and explore through my achievements and goals as you scroll through my website. Projects will be consistently uploaded up to date. My past websites and projects can be visited and you can learn more about the GITA program and/or coding through the links provided at the bottom. On the left side of the page, you can use the navigation bar as shortcuts to zoom through the web page! On the bottom left, check out our latest group project, "Hell Kitties".

Years of GITA

  • GITA 1: C# Game Developing
  • GITA 2: HTML and CSS Website Developing
  • GITA 3: Flash Animation CS3
  • GITA 4: JAVA AP Computer Science

Flash Animation

This year in flash animation, we are using the Adobe CS3 program to create animations and develop games. We started off creating small animations with our own drawings by hand and soon started creating mini games with the uses of buttons and the click of the mouse.

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About Me


My name is Jennifer Choi and I've been in computer science for three years now. You can learn about my goals and achievements through my academics by reading about me below!

As a Junior this year, my academics are quite rigorous. I barely have enough time to breathe! I am taking four AP classes and I am apart of the Brea Olinda Wildcat Marching Band as the Junior Captain of the color guard team.

Most of my time is devoted to color guard as I spend at least 15 hours per week practicing for the upcoming competitions. I achieved my goal as a performer and obtained a rifle solo toss in the Wildcat Entertainment Corps's latest field show entitled "Ever Had a Bad Day" featuring the theme of Gothem. This winter season being my seventh season dedicated to color guard, I was able to achieve the honor to lead a group of performers as their Junior Captain.

Being involved in computer science through the GITA Program has given me so many opportunities to express my skills and to reach out of my social abilities and develop the experience of meeting important people. I had the honor this year to attend the 2017 Orange County Business Council and express my future goals in computer science with those already involved with computer science.

After High School

After graduating high school, I plan on attending a four year university, majoring in computer science or law.

My dream college is UC Berekely. I plan on staying in California, but if I were to leave the state, I would look at colleges in South Korea.

Main Interests

  • Computer Science
  • Law [Criminal Justice]
  • Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Art/Design
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Sophomore Year

Image 01

The QR code on the left will take you to my webpage I had coded in my second year of computer science.

I had never been too interested in game developing or animation and had only focused on website building and coding through html and css. After a semester into this course of flash, I have developed a strong liking for animation with my love for drawing.

I find myself to be a lot more comfortable with coding a webpage and styling it as much as animating a short animation rather than editing a video or trying to develop a game.

Sophomore Year Projects

Best Projects

Wildcat Entertainment Corps

This webpage was by final project in my second year of GITA. It is a webpage devoted to the BOHS Marching Band to illuminate its success in the 2016 season.

Bubble Wand

This simple project required the most complex code out of all my projects I coded in my second year of GITA.

Freshman Year

Click on the link below to visit my website from Freshman year. Download the project from the webpage and run in on a computer.

Freshman Year Projects

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Other Links

Click on the following links to learn more about coding though W3Schools and the official BOHS GITA Website!

Learn to Code

W3Schools is a great way to start learning how to code a basic webpage.

Click on the link to visit the page!



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Contact Information

Brea Olinda High School
789 Wildcat Way
Brea, CA 92821

BOHS School Phone: (714) 990-7850
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